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Anima Living Network


Thus arises an opportunity for a new encounter between the generations who up to now have lived instinctively in the territories and those who now would like to find the conditions to experience them intentionally.


of development

Do you remember the hours spent in traffic getting to your office? With smart working you could recover the equivalent of 30 days a year of life and find time to update your skills, enjoy nature, rediscover serenity and human relationships, rediscovering the pleasure of doing your job well.


Anima Living Network develops the digital skills of citizens, businesses and public administrations of small Italian communities, to ensure that when broadband arrives, they can exploit the technologies and knowledge acquired to make their territories more connected, attractive and competitive .


Anima Living Network works in the wake of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with an integrated project that works on infrastructures, skills and communities for the new social and economic development of areas that until now have been considered marginal.


Smart workers, co-learners and businesses will have a responsibility to share their knowledge and experiences with their host communities. This will activate a continuous and virtuous contamination between different skills, which will bring benefits to both locals and visitors. 

Who We Support

We attract human capital and financial capital to achieve sustainability goals and increase the quality of life in your area. We share the know-how of our network: by promoting the dissemination of community-focused models, we help you make digital skills a new feature of your area.

If you are a digital nomad (freelancer, startupper or smart worker) you can now choose to live, work and study by discovering the network of locations in our network. Even those traveling with friends or family will always find an equipped co-working area, adequate internet connection and opportunities for personal growth with local communities and other travellers.

Companies can choose from the numerous locations available in our offer those that have areas equipped for smart working, meeting rooms, areas for workshops or training, are covered by ultra-fast internet connection and have all the necessary services for conventions, team building and working retreat. We also offer packages for periods of 1 to 3 months and 6 to 12 months.

Our Team

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